About Us

Our Approach

At the Green Dream Company we believe we all can live this life with a  deep respect for the natural world, to minimize our impact on Mother  Earth and all her many resources: the land, water, air, animals, and  most importantly the people. 

Our Story

Many of us believe the goal of living a sustainable life is to lead a  life of happiness, and then leave the planet as we entered it as pure  and clean as possible, ready for the future generations to enjoy the  planets bountiful resources. This dream can become a legacy of love and  deep respect. 

We all remember the stories of John Muir, John Audobon, H. D.  Thoreau, and Ansel Adams as examples of just such people: naturalists  and appreciators of the beauty and sacredness of life. We are also  surrounded by examples of this in our modern life. The Boy Scouts have  the leave-no-trace practice for when they go into nature. The  backpackers creed is to pack out what they pack in, as well as  practicing low-impact camping. While these practices are for when we go  into nature, why should our everyday lives be different? 

We feel an intense desire to live a more sustainable life, and we  began to seek ways to act on that desire. It was during this process of  discovery that we realized there were others who wanted to do the same.  So the Green Dream Company was created to assist others with their own  legacy of love, respect, and caring for our planet. 

Do you feel a similar need to live a more eco-friendly life? The  Green Dream Company is here to be your partner in facilitating this deep  respect for our planet. We believe this reverberates within us all,  each doing their part for leaving a more sustainable planet. 

Wendell Berry

"The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after  all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and  to foster its renewal is our only hope."